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   Secure A Load is a leading supplier of Transport and Material Handling Equipment. Secure A Load’s mission is to be a world-class leader in the area of cargo handling and load restraint systems by providing quality products to improve safety and security for the material handling industry, Providing products on time with the greatest value to our customers. We are focused on our customer’s needs and requirements, meeting and striving to exceed their expectations. Secure A Load Ratchet Tie Downs have adjustable strap is 9mtrs long, fitted with two wear sleeves, Company name or corporate names can be printed on the webbing.

Secure A Load grade 70 Transport Chain meets AS/NZ 4344-2001. 8mm and 10mm G70 Transport Chain electroplated gold to resist oxidization and sold either by the drum (400m) or cut to size. G70 8mm chain has a lashing capacity  of 3800kg, G70 10mm chain has a lashing capacity  of 6000kg.We also offer combo sets which incorporates the chain and hooks in a convenient plastic drum. Transport chain is widely used on most solid and larger loads such as steel plate products, timber, products, machinery, bobcats, graders, bulldozers, pipe products, and pre fabricated concrete.

 Secure A Load Load Binders. We supply both The standard lever type and ratchet binder meets Australian Standards AS/NZ4344-2001, forged and tempered with grab or claw hooks. We can also supply “Winged” grab hooks, which allows for maximum Lashing Capacity, tested to perform at required test load without deformation thus no requirement to reduce Load Capacity as per the AS/NZ Standard. Binder toggles do not interfere with the load. Sizes available: Lever: 8mm, 10mm. Ratchet: 8mm, 10mm. Mechanical advantage: Lever is 25:1, Ratchet is 50:1.

Secure A Load winches are of course manufactured to AS/NZ4380. These winches are built for trailer use, but can be used in a number of applications. Two side tightening bosses and side handle enables quick winding to remove slack in the webbing before use of the winch bar. Winch flanges allows up to 12 metres of wound 50mm webbing and the slotted drum to accommodate 9mtrs of 6mm G70 chain. Generally these winches use a 50mmx 9mtr web strap for lashing, however some transport companies in special applications also use 75mm and 100mm webbing. Using reasonable effort 400Kg of pretension can be applied to straps.

 Secure A Load range of webbing tie downs has been designed and tested to provide maximum load protection and security. webbing products meet AS/NZ4380 for Cargo Restraint Systems, and have been independently NATA tested to these Standards. The 50mm ratchet has an adjusting ratio of 16:1, for example, 25kg of hand tensioning equals 400Kg pre-tension on the strap or 15 % of the Load Capacity, Your company name or corporate names can be printed on the webbing. (subject to minimum quantities, conditions apply).

The Secure A Load Transport chain systems can be supplied with standard Clevis, slip, or “winged” grab hooks on both sides of the outer jaws, this prevents any deformation to the chain during tensioning and allows full 100% Lashing Capacity of the chain, we also offer levis, slip, or “winged” grab hooks on our range of Load Binders. You should note that use of Clevis and slip hooks reduce lashing capacity of chain products

Secure A Load Round Slings are manufactured from high tensile polyester yarn encased in a colour coded tubular sleeve of durable woven polyester webbing. The sleeve is constructed to protect the internal rows of yarn filament and to keep them in parallel formation at all times. The yarn fibre core is free to spread out into a flat shape where the sling is in contact with the load. This provides a broad support, which cushions the load against damage and reduces slipping. The low stretch characteristics of the polyester yarn also prevents "load bounce" when lifting heavy loads. Rounds lings are unaffected by sunlight, humidity, grease, dirt or seawater and may be used in a multitude of lifting applications. The Secure A Load Roundsling is colour coded and has a Safety Factor of 7:1 conforming to AS/NZ4497.

Secure A Load webbing Flat Slings are made of high tensile polyester yarn treated and coated for increased working life. These slings are used extensively for many different types of cargo handling in all type conditions. They will not damage polished or fragile surfaces and will exert less pressure than wire rope or chain at the point of contact with the load. Available in double for longer life and durability and incorporating Becket eyes as standard design. These sling are colour coded and conform to AS/NZ1353 with a Safety Factor of 8:1. They are packaged and supplied with a Certificate of Proof Load performance.

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